Ritual Creative Magic 4 Makin' Miracles n Evolutionary Times

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Living Mirror Creative Community

Did you know that they poop in Heaven?

The only difference is:


In this sacred virtual fire, our poems, parables, pictures, songs, mantras, and dance, are the alchemy that turn our stinky bits into fertilizer. 

Art is a magic that makes heaven on earth (even when it's all goin' to poo).

Peace & Love are Playful Practices that Start Within. As life constantly changes and evolves us, we‘re called to make Peace at every turn -especially in the middle of a Pandemic, with intense political and social unrest, and an environmental crisis.  But, by listening to the inner voice (even when it sounds crazy!), making the best of what life hands us (even when it hurts), following our inspiration (even if it scares us) and unabashedly sharing our most authentic self (even as we’re changing), we mine the medicine of our bitter pieces and make a play of the stumbles. 

Miracles aren't coming -the magic is that they're already here

Art is a Discovery of Gratitude, 

& Miracles Are Made 

By the Thanks. 

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